Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I am back!!!!!


I didn't post for a long time ):
Now that that's out of the way, I want to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS (or Boxing Day ) and that for Christmas I got an IPad mini and that's where I'm sending this post from ^_^


I'll try and keep updating you guys!

Ok in all seriousness, I am very sorry for not posting, but since I don't have to go to the computer all the time just to send quite a short post.
I guess the worlds becoming more portable

Bye every one!

Monday, September 24, 2012

We are who we are

Roxane was born on the 5th  of September 2012.
She is officially my cousin from my fathers side.

Soren was born on the twenty 3rd of October 2011.
He is officially my cousin from my mothers side.

Mani was born on the 12th of September 2002.
He is me.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What my mum can learn from video games!

"What we can learn from video games" - a post by someone who knows his game!

We find our kids spend too much time on them, become addicted to them and end up with pasty white faces…the curse of the video game.
But we can learn plenty from the kids “playing video games” for our own coaching.
1. Why do they play on them for so longBecause they are competitive. The players keep wanting more.
Lesson: players like to play and they enjoy a challenge.
2. They can make mistakes and not feel bad“Game over” and start again is the worst they can hear.
Lesson: players know when they have made a mistake – don’t make a fuss, let them start again.
3. Practice makes perfectThey keep playing, experimenting and improving – the finger and eye coordination is breathtaking.
Lesson: think about the practice environment – they are playing a game, learning from their mistakes and working out how to solve the problems themselves.
4. No manuals, no help?To start the game, they may use a brief tutorial, but then plunge straight in. However, they will want tips, cheats and shortcuts. They get this from their friends and surfing websites.
Lesson: be a port of call for problem solving, not just someone who tells them what to do. They will ask when they are ready – are you ready for them to ask?

see mum, I told you someone understands!!!

sorry mum

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The bright moon shines in the sky like a torch through darkness, the air is silent and people looking up to the sky with hope....these are the words I could have said a  few hundred years ago but, as hard as I try, now I cannot.The moon does shine, but the atmosphere is certainly not silent, cars spraying gas can after gas can out of their horrible black exhaust pipes, and people living in poverty had a little  hope but it was all extinguished by others who did not have to live in these conditions. What monster can be the cause of this? humanity, otherwise known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. WE have made cars so gas can destroy our planet, and electric cars aren't better as the stations which this source is made from is polluting the air with oil, the people who live in poverty did not usually do anything wrong, just having a horrible boss that refuses them a pay rise even if they do know the conditions in which these people live in, or usually getting fired and replaced by heartless machine. The terrifying thing is this is nature to us, the cars, the poverty, the gas it's all us. We killed our mother; nature, and replaced her. We made her allow us to have cars, poverty, and  to exploit other creatures.

This is OUR world

Thursday, July 05, 2012


sorry for not writing, like I said, school. Okay, lets cut to the chase, yesterday I became superbly sick, I have a sore throat and my fingers are whiter than usual,it feels like a heavy metal concert is happening in my head.  And the bad thing is today I WANT to go to school... Today is the class play, and tommorow we're going to HAMPTON COURT... Now you know how I feel.

yours sincerely Mani shadows6060

Sunday, June 03, 2012

A new bike...woohoo!

yesterday,I got a new bike. Long story short, I waited a long time for a bike since my old one got stolen, and my Grandad finally got the coolest bike in halfords (which is a shop in the UK so im not sure some of the Americans reading would know about it) and I was so exited.I still had the helmet from my old bike so I didn't need another one, but I needed some lights.I got some lights, and now we're going to a shop called go outdoors to get a lock and a water bottle holder.

here's  a picture of my bike

yours sincerely Mani Shadows 6060

Saturday, May 19, 2012


hey guys, sorry for not writing in a long time, its just because, well... school (which I hate). Plus inspiration was at an all time low (so were page views :P). On to the point of this post. My mum's Dad is visiting tommorow morning. OK that is about it. sorry it was so short, it's just that I can't really think of anything, oh also, my rugby season is finished until September.

yours sincerely Mani  shadows6060.........

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A birthday for a very special dad

yesterday was my dad's birthday, so we are having a party right this second. My dad was originally the creator of this blog so this post is partly to say that, how much the Iranian government try, they will never stop bloggers like me and my dad, how much they harass, torture, and basically make the fear into normal people... They will never take our freedom. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD

Saturday, April 14, 2012

long time no see

This post is about three subjects.1)sorry for not writing for a long time. 2) my vacation. 3) my job preferance. Firstly I want to say sorry to every one for not writing. It's just I havent had any material lately. Getting on to my vacation. I went to holland and stayed with some of my mums and dads friends. We stayed on the highest floor which I liked because it was close to all the rifles that they had.Next I want to get on to my job preference.I want to be a Royal Marine. I hope the West will finally take action on governments under the rule of dictators like Mahmoud Ahmehdnejad. Some people will kill for power and wealth... But I will be one of many who is willing to die for peace...

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweden to England and a shirt

My au-pair's mum just visited from Sweden .She is staying at the hotel down the road.She is very kind and even got me white choclate(which is my favourite choclate).My mum has a rule that your allowed family to stay as much as you want but it's not the same with friends and stuff...

you're probably wondering what the shirt part in the title's for. Well, today was physical education and we had to get changed.After P.E we had to change back.I found a long sleeve shirt, but that day I was wearing a short sleeve shirt. then I found my shirt...but  the weird thing is that no one in the class lost their shirt. So the shirt that I found must be from another class or something and no other class was doing P.E.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Farsi, Rugby and the sewers

The reason that I have not written in the blog for the last few days is that I didn't particularly have a good week.on Saturday, I woke up and predicted that my mum and dad put on a alarm for Farsi  class...well,lets just say  that I had to learn ''ف'' at home that morning.Sunday was my big rugby tournament and we got through to the finals but loss to Ruislip which left us with silver.On Monday it was just like any school day.On Tuesday I decided to bring the medal that I won.Then something that I can't even believe happened.For some reason there was a hole in my bag.The bag that my medal was in.My mum took out my homework...then I took the bag.first I heard a metalic  noise and then a splosh...and by the look of my mums face I realised that my medal went down into the sewer pipe...typical the only AWARD I ever won  goes ''down the drain''.on Tuesday evening I get a call from my dad saying that I'm going to get another medal the next day.Today when I got back guess what was waiting for me in the post...yep,you guessed it,another medal!

Friday, March 09, 2012


I just adopted my father's old blog, Webgard. I also made a youtube account called's one of my videos!

As you can see, I'm not one of the best video makers...but I can name two who are: Lord Draconolical and Cacox 97.