Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweden to England and a shirt

My au-pair's mum just visited from Sweden .She is staying at the hotel down the road.She is very kind and even got me white choclate(which is my favourite choclate).My mum has a rule that your allowed family to stay as much as you want but it's not the same with friends and stuff...

you're probably wondering what the shirt part in the title's for. Well, today was physical education and we had to get changed.After P.E we had to change back.I found a long sleeve shirt, but that day I was wearing a short sleeve shirt. then I found my shirt...but  the weird thing is that no one in the class lost their shirt. So the shirt that I found must be from another class or something and no other class was doing P.E.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Farsi, Rugby and the sewers

The reason that I have not written in the blog for the last few days is that I didn't particularly have a good week.on Saturday, I woke up and predicted that my mum and dad put on a alarm for Farsi  class...well,lets just say  that I had to learn ''ف'' at home that morning.Sunday was my big rugby tournament and we got through to the finals but loss to Ruislip which left us with silver.On Monday it was just like any school day.On Tuesday I decided to bring the medal that I won.Then something that I can't even believe happened.For some reason there was a hole in my bag.The bag that my medal was in.My mum took out my homework...then I took the bag.first I heard a metalic  noise and then a splosh...and by the look of my mums face I realised that my medal went down into the sewer pipe...typical the only AWARD I ever won  goes ''down the drain''.on Tuesday evening I get a call from my dad saying that I'm going to get another medal the next day.Today when I got back guess what was waiting for me in the post...yep,you guessed it,another medal!

Friday, March 09, 2012


I just adopted my father's old blog, Webgard. I also made a youtube account called's one of my videos!

As you can see, I'm not one of the best video makers...but I can name two who are: Lord Draconolical and Cacox 97.