Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sweden to England and a shirt

My au-pair's mum just visited from Sweden .She is staying at the hotel down the road.She is very kind and even got me white choclate(which is my favourite choclate).My mum has a rule that your allowed family to stay as much as you want but it's not the same with friends and stuff...

you're probably wondering what the shirt part in the title's for. Well, today was physical education and we had to get changed.After P.E we had to change back.I found a long sleeve shirt, but that day I was wearing a short sleeve shirt. then I found my shirt...but  the weird thing is that no one in the class lost their shirt. So the shirt that I found must be from another class or something and no other class was doing P.E.


  1. Dear Mani,
    It's amassing that we can follow your days here in your blog, please keep on writing.
    Stay gold

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