Saturday, April 14, 2012

long time no see

This post is about three subjects.1)sorry for not writing for a long time. 2) my vacation. 3) my job preferance. Firstly I want to say sorry to every one for not writing. It's just I havent had any material lately. Getting on to my vacation. I went to holland and stayed with some of my mums and dads friends. We stayed on the highest floor which I liked because it was close to all the rifles that they had.Next I want to get on to my job preference.I want to be a Royal Marine. I hope the West will finally take action on governments under the rule of dictators like Mahmoud Ahmehdnejad. Some people will kill for power and wealth... But I will be one of many who is willing to die for peace...


  1. I just made a new layout. I hope you like the fish! If you don't please write a comment.

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  3. I hope you well and you had a lovely holiday,
    I have to come around soon and visit you.

  4. Hi Mani it's Owen missing you loads already so much I'm going to embarrass myself on your blog.
    Last week we ended our football league second place being the only team not to be beaten by the team who came first.
    Asa says Hi as well.
    From Owen

    1. hey owen, I'm missing you so much, and I'm begging my mum for another sleep over or something, hope your'e having a great time in Bromley, and good on you for second place, and I've won a medal or two in Rugby, if I don't say so myself ;)

  5. ok, guys, take me seriously, I have changed my mind sooo much. I was kinda stupid back then. so I have decide to become an architect (subject to change). this will be brought up in later posts