Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The bright moon shines in the sky like a torch through darkness, the air is silent and people looking up to the sky with hope....these are the words I could have said a  few hundred years ago but, as hard as I try, now I cannot.The moon does shine, but the atmosphere is certainly not silent, cars spraying gas can after gas can out of their horrible black exhaust pipes, and people living in poverty had a little  hope but it was all extinguished by others who did not have to live in these conditions. What monster can be the cause of this? humanity, otherwise known as Homo Sapiens Sapiens. WE have made cars so gas can destroy our planet, and electric cars aren't better as the stations which this source is made from is polluting the air with oil, the people who live in poverty did not usually do anything wrong, just having a horrible boss that refuses them a pay rise even if they do know the conditions in which these people live in, or usually getting fired and replaced by heartless machine. The terrifying thing is this is nature to us, the cars, the poverty, the gas it's all us. We killed our mother; nature, and replaced her. We made her allow us to have cars, poverty, and  to exploit other creatures.

This is OUR world

Thursday, July 05, 2012


sorry for not writing, like I said, school. Okay, lets cut to the chase, yesterday I became superbly sick, I have a sore throat and my fingers are whiter than usual,it feels like a heavy metal concert is happening in my head.  And the bad thing is today I WANT to go to school... Today is the class play, and tommorow we're going to HAMPTON COURT... Now you know how I feel.

yours sincerely Mani shadows6060