Monday, September 24, 2012

We are who we are

Roxane was born on the 5th  of September 2012.
She is officially my cousin from my fathers side.

Soren was born on the twenty 3rd of October 2011.
He is officially my cousin from my mothers side.

Mani was born on the 12th of September 2002.
He is me.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What my mum can learn from video games!

"What we can learn from video games" - a post by someone who knows his game!

We find our kids spend too much time on them, become addicted to them and end up with pasty white faces…the curse of the video game.
But we can learn plenty from the kids “playing video games” for our own coaching.
1. Why do they play on them for so longBecause they are competitive. The players keep wanting more.
Lesson: players like to play and they enjoy a challenge.
2. They can make mistakes and not feel bad“Game over” and start again is the worst they can hear.
Lesson: players know when they have made a mistake – don’t make a fuss, let them start again.
3. Practice makes perfectThey keep playing, experimenting and improving – the finger and eye coordination is breathtaking.
Lesson: think about the practice environment – they are playing a game, learning from their mistakes and working out how to solve the problems themselves.
4. No manuals, no help?To start the game, they may use a brief tutorial, but then plunge straight in. However, they will want tips, cheats and shortcuts. They get this from their friends and surfing websites.
Lesson: be a port of call for problem solving, not just someone who tells them what to do. They will ask when they are ready – are you ready for them to ask?

see mum, I told you someone understands!!!

sorry mum