Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Guess who's back, back again!

hello everybody! well...this is awkward, never mind, we'll continue with our great routine of the...umm... what should we call us, maniists, webgarders, say in the comments and the winner will get credited (like that means anything ;) ) and will officially name the readers and viewers of this blog!

well, I guess I have to start off with the thing that affected me most! My BIRTHDAY! I am at the ripe old age of 11! I got a computer (a Dell XPS One 2720) I'll leave a link here if any of you guys and gals want it.
Numero dos on my list of awesome stuff is that I got into the 'A' team in rugby which is GREAT!
I also went France to see my grandfather, Baba Saeed, my aunt, Saeedeh, my uncle, Hatef and my cousin, Roxane (who has just turned one!)
On top of that I beacame the house captain of the green house in my school.If you want to learn more about that click here  

This year's also very special because it is the last year of me being in in my primary school as all of year 6 is moving to high school... so yeah, it's kinda stressful.

I will try and get into social media a little more so you guys can hear my thoughts on Politics, Music, Video Games, Television, YouTube and all of my little thoughts!
So starting off with the music review, I'm going to discuss an Eminem song tomorrow.If you want to know which song it is click here! I know it isn't his first song in MMLP2 but it's still awesome. I'll also post some stuff on facebook. if you want to know more about that click here! When I get my twitter set up I'll put a link in a later post.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

I got the award... Are you sure it isn't a typo?

Well today I got the chairman's player of the year award.
If you're wondering what in heavens name is the chairman's player of the year award, well it's one of three main rugby awards in my club. Me and my friend were talking on the way over to the award ceremony about how we bet neither of us would get it. And the term award ceremony is used very loosely... more like just some kids sitting in a jammed circle with a platform in the middle and a table with all the awards. When it came to under 10's I just wasn't listening because, well, I just didn't expect to get an award so when they called my name it took a little time to sink in.
Here is a picture of the award